North America’s Largest Processors of Catalytic Converters

Alpha Recycling and its' partnering companies process millions of catalytic converters  annually accross North America and beyond. Our partners and us offer a comprehensive catalytic converter recycling service that encompasses all areas of recycling, from pick up to smelting. 

It is due to the high volumes of catalytic converters that we are able to work on a low profit margin and allow our customers to reap the benefits of going direct! Alpha Recycling offers an accurate grading system which is based on multi-verified assay results. In comparison to our competitors, our assay results are always verfied more than once in our laboratories which work independenlty of eachother, eliminating room for innacurate results. Our assays are done with the most updated technological advances available to us. Today, many other companies still use x-ray guns to provide assay results which risk a 20% error in results. At Alpha Recycling and our partnering companies you can expect QUALITY results. Not only in our grading but also in our assay results as well as our customer service. 

Alpha Recycling has the national team you’re looking for. Our metal recycling experts are on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week to bring you the highest prices and leading services possible.

Customers wishing to process their converters on assay are granted full access to our database. This database is composed of makes, models, images and part numbers of catalytic converters. 

Reliability Throughout the US

At Alpha Recycling, our catalytic converter recycling team is constantly on the road, picking up your catalytic converters and scrap metal. Our recycling company is based in New York, but through our vast national network of partnering companies, we are able to serve all of your catalytic converter recycling needs nationwide. Our catalytic converter expertise stretches into combined efforts with the following organizations in the US:

  • Global Refining Group
  • Sibanye-Stillwater
  • ABC Recycling
  • Power Metal Recycling
  • Coast 2 Coast Trucking

This strong network of catalytic converter recycling experts means we are able to purchase catalytic converters at your location of choice, ship a container, or let our recycling team interact with you at our New York facility.

Trust Your Catalytic Converter Recycling to Alpha Recycling

Though Alpha Recycling specializes in catalytic converters we also offer highly competitive prices for rims, starters, alternators, AC compressors, batteries, copper, aluminum, iron, brass, lead, stainless steel and more. Alpha Recycling is your national metal recycling solution for the best catalytic converter prices and grading. In this industry, where grading plays a big role in the company you chose to work with, allow us to show you just how we have been able to win over so many customers. Contact our recycling professionals today to get the best catalytic converter values in the US.

Offering catalytic converter & scrap metal recycling across North America

Whether in-person or through pick up services, Alpha Recycling is your catalytic converter expert

Using cutting-edge techniques to pull the most material out of catalytic converters

Our buyers travel to pick up your catalytic converters & offer payment on the spot

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