Catalytic Converters

Recycle Your Catalytic Converters with North America’s Largest Processing Group

When you recycle scrap metal and catalytic converters, you want to be sure the metal buyers you’re working with have the experience and metal prices you want. Alpha Recycling can offer you the best of both worlds. Through our partnerships with an extensive group of national companies, Alpha Recycling is proud to say we are part of North America’s largest catalytic converter processing group.

Our catalytic converter buyers are constantly on the road. Alpha Recycling’s representatives can pick up your catalytic converters directly from your facility, ship you a secure container to mail your recyclable converters back in, or meet with you directly at our New York metal recycling center.

Cutting-Edge Processing with Alpha Recycling

You can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best when you recycle your catalytic converters with Alpha Recycling. While some companies use a manual or simple closed system to process their metal, our companies’ process catalytic converters through a completely enclosed system. This allows us to extract up to six percent more out of your catalytic converter shells, which ultimately means more money in your pocket.

Alpha Recycling’s converter buyers can purchase your recyclable materials in two ways: per piece or on assay/refining. Our companies use a grading system based on the assay results achieved in our two laboratories, independent of each other.

Trust Alpha Recycling to Meet Your Catalytic Converter Recycling Needs

The price of catalytic converters can fluctuate by the second. Rest assured that through our calculations and skilled converter buyers, you will be receiving the best grading when you choose Alpha Recycling’s catalytic converter services. Call us today at 855-740-0030 or visit our contact page to get in touch with one of Alpha Recycling’s catalytic converter buyers.

Alpha Recycling and its partnering companies are North America’s largest processors of catalytic converters, serving clients across the United States.

Offering catalytic converter & scrap metal recycling across North America

Whether in-person or through pick up services, Alpha Recycling is your catalytic converter expert

Using cutting-edge techniques to pull the most material out of catalytic converters

Our buyers travel to pick up your catalytic converters & offer payment on the spot

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