Alpha Recycling: A Part of North America’s Largest Processors of Catalytic Converters

Alpha Recycling is proud to represent our partnering company, Global Refining Group. Together, we are North America’s largest processor of catalytic converters. That means that you can be sure you’ll get the highest prices and services when you select Alpha Recycling as your catalytic converter and scrap metal recycling experts.

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Alpha Recycling is your choice for top-notch services and high scrap value. Call us today at 855-740-0030 or head over to our contact page to get started.

Offering catalytic converter & scrap metal recycling across North America

Whether in-person or through pick up services, Alpha Recycling is your catalytic converter expert

Using cutting-edge techniques to pull the most material out of catalytic converters

Our buyers travel to pick up your catalytic converters & offer payment on the spot

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