FAQs for Alpha Recycling

What is your capacity for a high volume/large quantity pick up?

Our freight includes over 20 company vehicles from sprinter vans to tractor trailer trucks which allows us to handle small and large volumes of materials. Our staff works around the clock, reflecting our commitment to please our customers on a continuous basis. We have dozens of employees in our NY location available to pick up converters in all states across the east coast as well as to accept incoming converter loads at our warehouse.

How much are my converters worth?

Converter values are determined by the quantities of precious metals they contain. We price converters based on the fluctuations in the commodities market.

How do you determine how much precious metal each converter contains?

We have our own laboratory in Kenbridge, VA where we process catalytic converters individually to measure contents. No two converters are the same, mileage on a vehicle, type, model and manufacturing year also affect the value of the contents in a converter. In addition, we send our converters for assays. Assays allow for the converters to go through a refining process in order to determine an average value. Prices are further based on these averages.

How can we do business with Alpha?

If you are interested in establishing business you can contact our catalytic converter department by calling 855-740-0030 and requesting a price list. We will promptly fax or e-mail you our price list based on today’s market.

I am unfamiliar with the new grading system, and am not sure if this grading is most profitable for our company, what can you do to help me?

On average, customers who begin doing business with us earn an additional 5%-30% due to our grading. Should you still be uncertain, or unfamiliar with our grading, we would be glad to come and grade your converters to provide you with a quote and to show you our grading.

I have had bad experiences with other buyers in the past, how do I know I can trust your company?

Alpha Recycling works on a system based on Volume. Unlike most buyers on the market today who down grade converters to make a profit, Alpha works on a small profit margin. Being that we work on volume, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we do not want to lose customers and so we provide the most honest grading at the best prices. Our buyers do not receive a commission based on individual pieces, only based on quantity of cats, eliminating the need to down grade converters for a quick profit. We develop long term relationships with companies which we do business with.

How do you profit by giving me great grading and prices?

Due to the volume of converters that we buy, we are able to profit based on quantity.

What quantity of converters does your company process monthly?

We process over 150,000 converters monthly, with steadily increasing numbers.

Offering catalytic converter & scrap metal recycling across North America

Whether in-person or through pick up services, Alpha Recycling is your catalytic converter expert

Using cutting-edge techniques to pull the most material out of catalytic converters

Our buyers travel to pick up your catalytic converters & offer payment on the spot

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